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Emma Software

The Emma Watson Toolbar.

Browser addon including everything you need to know about Emma. Incl. Popup Blocker. By EmmaWatson.tv. Free. Info »
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EmmaWatson.tv exclusively presents ...

The Emma Watson Toolbar
The useful software add-on for your Internet Explorer.

The Emma Watson Toolbar, produced by Jonas of EmmaWatson.tv, is a *.exe program which integrates itself into your Internet Explorer automatically, when installed.

What the software can do for you
The feature list:

  • Direct access to our contact information
  • Google search
  • EmmaWatson.tv Board Search
  • Direct access to the most important information about Emma with just one mouse-click.
  • Direct access to all the boards on EmmaWatson.tv
  • Popup Blocker - prevents nasty popup advertisements

How to install the software
Please note that the software was programmed for Internet Explorer. So, we don't know, if it works with Netscape or Opera, too.

  1. Download the *.exe file and open it on your PC to start the installation.
  2. During the installation, choose the name of the software, its name on your hard drive and finish the installation process.
  3. Open your Internet Explorer and the toolbar should automatically appear.
  4. If it doesn't: click "View" » "Toolbars" and choose the "Emma Watson Toolbar".
  5. Now, the toolbar should appear in any case.

Download the software
We're happy that you want to try out our software. Please note that we're not responsible for anything that might happen as a result of the usage of the software. The software is free for non-commercial use.

Download Toolbar
(*.exe, 1.6MB)

Any problems? Feedback? Questions?
We've installed a support forum for the Emma Watson Toolbar. Click here to visit it.

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