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The Emma Watson Toolbar.

Browser addon including everything you need to know about Emma. Incl. Popup Blocker. By EmmaWatson.tv. Free. Info »
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In order to show you that we aren't Emma (NO, we really aren't Emma!!), check this list of active staff members of emmawatson.tv - if you want to join our staff, just send us an e-mail. Perhaps we've got something you can do for us ...

Real name: Jonas
Web Master, Programming, Technologies
Nick name/-s (real): John
Nick name/-s (emmawatson.tv): emmawatson.tv
e-mail: jonas@emmawatson.tv
AOL Instant Messenger: alohomorade
Lives in: Nuremberg, Germany

Real name: Peter
Technologies, Administration
Nick name/-s (real): DJ, DJCrack
Nick name/-s (emmawatson.tv): emmawatson.tv
e-mail: peter@emmawatson.tv
AOL Instant Messenger: confrontmod
Lives in: Berlin, Germany

If you'd like to support this web site, but don't want to join our staff, just send your contribution, as it is!

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