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Harry Potter

What's that about?
Either you're kidding, or you've arrived on this section by chance. Indeed, there's not one on earth who doesn't know the stories about Harry Potter, the young magician who studies at Hogwarts School to become a full-worthy wizard.

The stories by J. K. Rowling have been sold about 250'000'000 times (that's what a spokesperson to J. K. Rowling confirmed in summer 2004) in more than 50 countries all over the world. But it's not the statistics that make Harry magical ...

It's the author's great style of writing the stories that makes the fictional world of Harry become real and touchable for the reader.

And what does Emma have to do with this Harry-guy?
Emma Watson is the actress of Harry Potter's best friend Hermione Granger, who is also a student at Hogwarts School. If you want to see Emma acting Hermione, visit your next cinema and ask for the Harry Potter films.

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